Aetna Specialty CareRxSM

Specialty medications can make a big difference in your life if you have a complex condition like multiple sclerosis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis or hemophilia.

Aetna Specialty CareRxsm is a pharmacy benefit/insurance plan that covers certain specialty drugs. You may get your first fill of these drugs at a retail pharmacy. To achieve best coverage, all refills must come from an in-network specialty pharmacy, like Aetna Specialty Pharmacy®. Your plan may require you to get your refills through Aetna Specialty Pharmacy. Please review your plan documents for more about the requirements and limitations of your pharmacy plan.

Your plan has the extended Aetna Specialty CareRx-Self-injectables, Infused and Oral Drug List. The list shows the specialty drugs covered by your Aetna Specialty CareRx pharmacy benefit plan.

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